Non Essential Bag Tags And Gear Tags


Non Essential Bag Tag and Gear Tag Original & Authentic Design From Envisionaries. How citizens envision what’s non essential. BONUS! Two bag tags per order.

Bag Tag And Gear Tag Feature:
Credit Card Sized Tag Set (2 per order)
30 Mil Thick Laminated Plastic Resin Tag
2 Vinyl Loop Connector Straps
High Thread Count Embroidery (not screen printed)
Ships Within 1 Business Day Of Order
Supplies limited!

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The Non Essential Bag Tag and Gear Tag

The Non Essential Bag Tag and Gear Tag is an original Envisionaries design. The Non Essential bag tag and gear tag design shows “Non Essential” rubber stamped over a nondescript formal looking Georgian styled building. The design encapsulates how many citizens envision what is non essential to them … they, the citizens being “served”.

A portion of your purchase is donated to The Gary Sinise Foundation.

Free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Delivery to socialist cities will likely be delayed. Coincidentally, we reserve the right to cancel any order at any time without reason.

The Non Essential Bag Tag and Gear Tag is Thermal Printed In USA.

Bulk orders area available for consumers and resellers. Resale of these bag and gear tags is allowed only with written permission from